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Waluigi vs Nami

Nami may have her weather staff, but I don’t believe that it will be enough to stop Waluigi. Trust me, that’s pretty surprising since it’s not every day that a Mario character can defeat an anime warrior. Waluigi’s access to giant mushrooms and stars will be enough to give him an edge. Nami just can’t defend against that! Waluigi wins.

Update! Nami can take this with her upgraded weather tempo. Nami wins.

2 thoughts on “Waluigi vs Nami”

  1. I’m surprised by the result, but I knew that either way this fight went a character with very few wins (if any) would get some recognition. Let’s just hope Nami gets a better matchup soon…

    1. That is true, one way or another; someone was finally going to get an intense win here! I’m sure that Nami will be back at some point and likewise for Waluigi, but I can’t say that many of his future matches may end well

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