Clockman vs Waluigi

Suggested by Sonic Waluigi is talented at many sports and has really made a bit of a name for himself over the years. That said, his reign of terror is just about up. Clockman has time manipulation and can fire off some rather sharp blades. Throw in a laser and Waluigi is just completely outclassed. He has no speed feats that would enable him to dodge such an onslaught of attacks. Clockman wins.

Clockman vs Goomba

Suggested by Sonic Goomba is a pretty resourceful creature and certainly a loyal minion of Bowser. You can’t go wrong with having this guy in your employ since he will always make sure you come out on top. That being said, one Goomba on his own doesn’t make for a very powerful opponent. Clockman’s energy blades would quickly slice this guy to ribbons. Clockman can move quickly and has some time manipulation abilities as well which makes things even tougher for Goomba. Clockman wins.

Clockman vs Nami

Nami has her weather staff and she’s pretty quick, but in the end she won’t be able to take down Clockman. Clockman can shoot energy blasts of intense power and he’s got some arrows as well. Nami is strong, but in the end it won’t be enough to take down Clockman. Clockman finally rises up the blog ranks. Clockman wins.