He Man vs Planetman

Suggested by Destroyer Planetman was always a very cool Megaman character but at the end of the day he wasn’t one of the most powerful ones. He had the potential to be and was given a lot of hype in the anime but didn’t get to appear long enough. Right now I think He Man should be able to claim victory with his blade and ultimately slash through Planetman’s attacks. He Man wins.

Deathgaze Dragon vs Planetman

Suggested by Sonic Deathgaze Dragon is a powerful monster in Buddyfight but he’s not quite ready to be taking Planetman down. Planetman’s just on a completely different level right now and that’s why his opponents should be very afraid. We never got to see Planetman as much as I’d like but Deathgaze does not have the speedfeats needed to dodge his many attacks or the durability to tank them. As a result you end up with a situation where Deathgaze has no real path to victory here. Planetman wins.

Planetman vs Wily

Suggested by Sonic Wily has a lot of solid creations at his disposal but none of them are quite a match for Planetman. Planetman was shown to be a particularly powerful EXE fighter whose projectiles would keep his opponents on the defensive the entire time. Wily’s various skull robots are strong, but not all that fast so Planetman’s attacks would reduce them to dust long before they would reach him. You’re just not going to beat this fighter without some powerful defensive abilities to block his attacks. Planetman wins.

Planetman vs Lazerman

Lazerman’s beams are certainly not to be underestimated, but Planetman’s planets aren’t to be underestimated either. Planetman got hit by a couple of program advances and didn’t go down for a while. Of course neither did Lazerman when he was hit with one. Lazerman wins.

Cosmoman vs Planetman

Planetman has 3 planets that give him legendary power. Cosmoman has cosmic powers. He is a darkloid. Because he’s a darkloid he’s got dark chips to help him, but Planetman has entire planets. Planetman wins.

Planetman may have planetary powers, but they won’t be enough to defeat such a powerful opponent. Cosmoman wins.

Planetman vs Cache

Planetman has the powers of the planets. He is a navi to be feared greatly. Cache however lost to a charge shot. That shows that he can’t be feared. Cache also gets weaker if you defeat his weak viruses. Planetman could take em out in one hit and beat Cache in one hit. Planetman wins.

Slur vs Planetman

Slur is one of the strongest cosmic navies around. Planetman is tough but not at Slur level. Slur’s sword skills can defeat Planetman’s planets. Slur’s also strong enough that she can take energy form and destroy the world. Planetman for all his strength is still a navi and navis can be broken. Slur wins.