Mega Man Fully Charged

The new Mega Man show has finally come out. It feels like this show was in development for an exceptionally long time so it’s good to see it alive and well. I’ve seen the first 10 episodes so far and the show is off to a good start. I look forward to all of the fights that will be popping up. I’ll have a review for the series up when it finishes.

Overall 7/10


Bass vs Wily

Suggested by Blake Wily has the eyebrows trick and he is a very resourceful villain but the main problem is that he has no real way of fighting Bass. He could take some of his robots out to rumble, but Bass would crush them as easily as I can eat a bowl of Frosted Flakes. It’s just hard for Wily to deal with an ultimate being like Bass. The only possible outcome is that of a complete defeat. Bass wins.

Eggman vs Wily

Eggman and Wily are easily two of the most iconic villain geniuses of all time. Nobody can forget their giant robots or their powerful schemes of world domination. I would argue that Wily’s intellect definitely surpasses Eggman’s though. He helped to build Mega Man, which exceeds Dr. Eggman’s inventions. (The ones that he manages to hold on to anyway) Eggman’s Egg Emperor is a powerful threat though and I don’t believe that Wily’s machines would really be able to stop it. It’s just too large and it could fire powerful lasers to take Wily down for good. Eggman wins.

Megaman X vs Wily

Dr. Wily is a pretty smart man, but he never could have guessed that he would be fighting such a powerful opponent! Megaman X has many forms at his disposal and his thunder form in Command Mission was especially powerful. Wily just wouldn’t stand a chance against it even if his U.F.O. ship is very fast. Megaman X continues to rise up the blog ranks with this win. Megaman X wins.

Dr Gero vs Wily

Wily and Dr Gero are both pretty smart, but Dr Gero’s definitely more of a fighter. He’s got some pretty impressive speed and strength on his side. He was even able to take on Piccolo which is quite the feat. It’s been a while since he got a win, so at least now his fans can be happy. Dr Gero wins.

Lazerman vs Wily

Lazerman is back and now he’s up against Wily! Wily has a lot of advanced machines by his side, but will they be enough to stop Lazerman!? I don’t think so! Lazerman has enough power to shatter whole buildings in the blink of an eye. His speed is also legendary and his beams are epic. Lazerman wins.

Wily vs Guy Smiley

Guy Smiley may be an inspiration to us all, but in the end he can’t hope to beat Wily. Wily has a lot of machines at his disposal including his iconic UFO. With it he can fly around Guy Smiley for a while. Wily also has a wrench and many other tools that let him fight in hand to hand combat. Wily wins.

Dr Satan vs Wily

Dr Satan is a new fighter on the blog. Needless to say he won’t be able to take down Wily. Wily has far too many robots at his disposal to lose this round. With them he’s an incredibly dangerous fighter and doesn’t lose often. It’s been a while since he’s fought so this is a big win. Wily wins.