Dr Gero vs Lugia

Suggested by Sonic Lugia is a Pokemon of legend with immense psychic and wind abilities but those won’t be enough against a DBZ fighter like this. Gero is fast enough to dodge all of Lugia’s attacks while being strong enough to utterly crush him with power. Lugia likely wouldn’t last more than 1-2 shots before going down because that’s how great the difference in power is between the two of them. No matter how you slice it, Gero has the edge here. Dr Gero wins.

Armored Titan vs Dr Gero

Suggested by Sonic It’s time for Dr Gero to take the stage. While he is mainly not known as a fighter the guy can definitely put up a good fight when he has to. He was able to overpower Piccolo after all. The Armored Titan is pretty huge but that’s the only thing going for him. Gero is a whole lot faster and even physically stronger than the Titan. He’ll only need a single shot to completely lay the Titan out. That’s the massive gap in ability this time. Dr Gero wins.

Robin (Damian) vs Dr Gero

Dr Gero is back and now he’s up against Damian. Damian was a pretty good fighter and he has a lot of gadgets at his disposal, but none of them can hurt Dr Gero. Dr Gero is still a Dragon Ball Z villain and he could end the planet on a whim. His speed is on a completely different level and Robin just wouldn’t know what hit him. Dr Gero wins.

Antman vs Dr Gero

Dr Gero definitely has the edge in this round since he can easily take out the planet in a single shot. Antman may be pretty quick on his feet, but that just won’t cut it here. Size manipulation is great, but it won’t be enough to allow him to take Dr Gero down for the count. One good energy blast would take out this Avenger. Dr Gero wins.

Dr Gero vs Wily

Wily and Dr Gero are both pretty smart, but Dr Gero’s definitely more of a fighter. He’s got some pretty impressive speed and strength on his side. He was even able to take on Piccolo which is quite the feat. It’s been a while since he got a win, so at least now his fans can be happy. Dr Gero wins.

Dr Myuu vs Dr Gero

Dr Myuu is a pretty smart guy, but I’d say that Gero was the smarter man. Plus Dr Gero could actually fight with some pretty heavy hitters. I’m not sure if Dr Myuu would be able to fight such tough opponents. He seemed to be having trouble with Pan after all! Dr Gero wins.

Dr Gero vs Zero

Dr Gero is a pretty powerful opponent! He’s a casual planet buster and his speed is incredible! Of course he’s up against Zero, who’s a pretty powerful opponent in his own right. Zero has a lot of powers at his disposal and manages to barely win this round. It’s close, but Gero couldn’t take the win. Zero wins.

Dr Gero vs Pan

Dr Gero has powers that are pretty skilled. Even when Goku turned into a Super Saiyan he wasn’t fazed. His power level is incredibly high and he can take down most characters in the blink of an eye. Pan is a proud saiyan warrior, but not even she can take down someone of Gero’s level. Dr Gero wins.

Dr Gero vs Gohan

Gohan has the power of a super saiyan. With that kind of power nothing can stop him. Dr Gero can try to take Gohan down with his powers, but it would be to no avail. Gohan has went out of his league now. Dr Gero takes another loss and falls down the blog rankings. Gohan wins.

Dr Gero vs Piccolo

Piccolo has the special beam cannon. With it he can take down many fighters. Dr Gero may be a strong villain, but in the end he’s not quite at Piccolo’s level. Piccolo will always be one step ahead of Dr Gero. Dr Gero may have lost the match, but hopefully (For him) not the war. Piccolo rises even higher. Piccolo wins.