Armored Titan vs Dr Gero

Suggested by Sonic It’s time for Dr Gero to take the stage. While he is mainly not known as a fighter the guy can definitely put up a good fight when he has to. He was able to overpower Piccolo after all. The Armored Titan is pretty huge but that’s the only thing going for him. Gero is a whole lot faster and even physically stronger than the Titan. He’ll only need a single shot to completely lay the Titan out. That’s the massive gap in ability this time. Dr Gero wins.

Armored Titan vs Colossal Titan

Suggested by Eric Both of these titans are powerful, but only one can win. The Armored Titan has a good amount of durability and he is certainly very strong. However, the Colossal is a lot larger and his heat ability does major damage even to other Titans. It’s hard to say who would win this fight. The manga portrays Colossal as being superior, but is he really? I’d actually lean towards the Colossal at the moment. Perhaps the anime will change my mind, but I feel like for once the size advantage is actually useful. He can punch through the steel and his durability will be handy. Still, this is a fairly close battle. Colossal Titan wins.

Hellrunner vs Armored Titan

The Armored Titan is back and he’s up against the Hellrunner. Hellrunner was originally known as Merda, but we changed the name in America. I may as well use the American name since it really emphasizes his power level. The real question here is whether or not Hellrunner’s laser blasts can damage the Armored Titan. I’m going to say that the Armored Titan wouldn’t be able to repel such an attack and that he would be blasted away. In addition, the Hellrunner can move at very impressive speeds and fire missilles as well. Hellrunner wins.

Annie Leonhart vs Armored Titan

The Armored Titan is back once again! After a loss, he’s always ready to come back for a win, but can he defeat the latest fighter in the blog? Annie Leonhart makes her debut in this round and she’s definitely a powerful fighter. Her hand to hand skills are second, only to Eren’s abilities. She can make this a close fight, but the Armor covering the titan is just too hard and it would negate most of her attacks. Armored Titan wins.

Armored Titan vs Eren Jaeger

This may not be as much of a blowout as you may imagine. The Armored Titan may have had the edge in their initial fight, but Eren has proven that he is superior in close combat. The Armored Titan has a physical edge in this fight, but Eren could overcome that and he would eventually down his opponent through his onslaught of ferocious blows. The Armored Titan takes a loss in this round. Eren Jaeger wins.

Armored Titan vs Epona

In a twist of fate, Epona is here to face off against the Armored Titan instead of Link! This is a pretty lucky break for the Armored Titan as he has enough physical power to win the round. Epona can attempt to evade him for a while with her speed, but the Armored Titan is just too powerful and eventually he would claim victory. Armored Titan wins.

Armored Titan vs Kratos

The Armored Titan is about to run a similar gauntlet to the one that the Colossal Titan recently faced. This Titan may have better defensive abilities, but that still won’t be enough to stop Kratos. Kratos can slice through just about anything with his flaming swords and his speed will let him stay out of the Titan’s way. Kratos takes his second victory in a row! Kratos wins.