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Sailor Moon vs Kratos

Suggested by Sonic Kratos is a very strong fighter who has taken on gods in the past. Sailor Moon may be able to damage him but it will be tough and she just isn’t fast enough to really be able to fight against him very well. Kratos will l dodge her special heart beams and KO her with proper swordplay and close combat skills. You can’t really get around that kind of technique. Kratos wins.

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Raiden (MK) vs Kratos

Raiden is a tough thunder god, but Kratos has taken on many deities in the past. Some of them were debatably more impressive than Raiden. While the thunderbolts would still damage Kratos, the warrior can heal to mitigate the damage and his punishing attacks would quickly cause major damage to Raiden. The gap in their physical abilities is too much for Raiden’s thunder to compensate and I just don’t see him being able to hang in there in a fight like this. Kratos wins.

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Armored Titan vs Kratos

The Armored Titan is about to run a similar gauntlet to the one that the Colossal Titan recently faced. This Titan may have better defensive abilities, but that still won’t be enough to stop Kratos. Kratos can slice through just about anything with his flaming swords and his speed will let him stay out of the Titan’s way. Kratos takes his second victory in a row! Kratos wins.

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Colossal Titan vs Kratos

The Colossal Titan makes his debut with this round! It was only a matter of time considering how big Attack on Titan currently is. He makes for a pretty good villain and his appearance in the Junior High School was intense. That being said, he’s basically just a giant human with super durability and regeneration. Kratos has fought similar opponents in the past and his flame swords will quickly grant him the victory. Kratos wins.

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Dante vs Kratos

Kratos is pretty tough, but I don’t think that he would be able to keep up with Dante. Dante has some pretty impressive speed at his disposal and he also has his Devil Trigger form. Kratos is pretty good at close range combat, but in the end that won’t be enough to win this round. Dante has finally scored another win. Dante wins.

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Kratos vs Altair

Kratos is back and now he’s up against Altair! Altair is a pretty skilled assasin and he is a formidable opponent to face in close combat. Most would tremble before him, but not Kratos. Kratos has some pretty intense power of his own and his legendary blades will help him take the win…his regeneration can’t hurt matters either. Kratos wins.

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Kratos vs Goku

Kratos is back, but it’s for another loss! Goku’s far too powerful for Kratos and one good shot is usually enough to end his matches. I don’t think it will be any different in this one. Things aren’t looking that great for Kratos right now, but maybe he’ll get a win soon. Either way Goku rises up the ranks with this win. Goku wins.

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Kratos vs Sackboy

Both of these guys are experiencing their first fights on the blog with this match! Still, while Sackboy is impressive, I don’t think that he could hold up to the power of Kratos for long. Kratos is skilled in close range combat and I’d say that he’s also a bit quicker than Sackboy. This is one round Sackboy can’t win. Kratos wins.