Sailor Moon vs Kratos

Suggested by Sonic Kratos is a very strong fighter who has taken on gods in the past. Sailor Moon may be able to damage him but it will be tough and she just isn’t fast enough to really be able to fight against him very well. Kratos will l dodge her special heart beams and KO her with proper swordplay and close combat skills. You can’t really get around that kind of technique. Kratos wins.

2 thoughts on “Sailor Moon vs Kratos

  1. I still wouldn’t leave Usagi out in the lurch when it comes to victory on this one. Sailor Moon’s pantheon, and by extension, the Japanese one, is much more benevolent than The Olympians.

    • True, Sailor Moon is definitely no pushover. She actually managed to overturn one of her recent matches as someone brought up some pretty good combat feats for her

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