Raiden (MK) vs Kratos

Raiden is a tough thunder god, but Kratos has taken on many deities in the past. Some of them were debatably more impressive than Raiden. While the thunderbolts would still damage Kratos, the warrior can heal to mitigate the damage and his punishing attacks would quickly cause major damage to Raiden. The gap in their physical abilities is too much for Raiden’s thunder to compensate and I just don’t see him being able to hang in there in a fight like this. Kratos wins.

8 thoughts on “Raiden (MK) vs Kratos

  1. Thanks for the match. I would say Raiden as he can use his lightning to fry Kratos’s brains and they can’t be stopped by steel weapons. Plus, his gibberish mannerism will anger Kratos and get him to trip up.

    • Yeah, he’s definitely slain quite a few of them in the past and he’s physically managed to resist some of the larger gods in his titles. He’s seriously OP and at one point he awakened his inner god and attained all of their powers at once or something like that. I don’t play his games either, it’s just not for me. I did have a lot of fun with the Mortal Kombat films though!

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