Howard Aguello vs Sackboy

Suggested by Destroyer Sackboy doesn’t look very intimidating so it’s fair to say that this could be a decently close fight but when you look into his actual abilities then that changes. Personally I don’t consider Sackboy to be super impressive but he does have actual fighting abilities thanks to PS All Stars including lasers and such. Howard has a gun but that’s about it and it really won’t do almost anything to someone like Sackboy. Sackboy wins.

Kratos vs Sackboy

Both of these guys are experiencing their first fights on the blog with this match! Still, while Sackboy is impressive, I don’t think that he could hold up to the power of Kratos for long. Kratos is skilled in close range combat and I’d say that he’s also a bit quicker than Sackboy. This is one round Sackboy can’t win. Kratos wins.