Armored Titan vs Colossal Titan

Suggested by Eric Both of these titans are powerful, but only one can win. The Armored Titan has a good amount of durability and he is certainly very strong. However, the Colossal is a lot larger and his heat ability does major damage even to other Titans. It’s hard to say who would win this fight. The manga portrays Colossal as being superior, but is he really? I’d actually lean towards the Colossal at the moment. Perhaps the anime will change my mind, but I feel like for once the size advantage is actually useful. He can punch through the steel and his durability will be handy. Still, this is a fairly close battle. Colossal Titan wins.

4 thoughts on “Armored Titan vs Colossal Titan

  1. That was hard but I picked armored because he has brute strength. Colossal i guess he has strength but it’s not as strong as armored

  2. Isayama said in an interview the Armored titan would win because of their relationship as human, meaning that Bertolt would let Reiner win.

    • Well, that’s an interesting point. Still, both characters are assumed to be going all out for the purposes of this match so assume that their memory was wiped and they see each other as enemies

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