Epona vs Nami

Epona is a very likable horse, but I don’t believe that she will be able to win in this battle. Nami has her Weather staff that can summon various elements and these would deal a lot of damage to Epona. Epona doesn’t really have a way to escape from Nami’s attacks and she will eventually be defeated. Nami is very athletic to she would be able to dodge any incoming charges from Epona. Nami wins.

Armored Titan vs Epona

In a twist of fate, Epona is here to face off against the Armored Titan instead of Link! This is a pretty lucky break for the Armored Titan as he has enough physical power to win the round. Epona can attempt to evade him for a while with her speed, but the Armored Titan is just too powerful and eventually he would claim victory. Armored Titan wins.

Spirit (Horse) vs Epona

Spirit (Horse) is back and now he’s up against Epona. They’re both pretty powerful horses and this would definitely be a close fight. I’d be leaning towards Epona in this round because he seems to be a bit stronger and he’s also very fast. Spirit (Horse) may have lost this round, but he put up a good fight. Epona wins.