Frieza vs Pan

Pan is a proud Saiyan Warrior but she hasn’t yet achieved Super Saiyan which will make it difficult to take down Frieza, much less his golden form. Frieza is now able to fight on par with gods of Destruction like SSB Goku. Pan just can’t quite match up to that level of power and will quickly be defeated. Frieza wins.


Superman vs Pan

Suggested by iKnowledge Technically the request was for Ultraman, but as per the blog battle rules he is counted as one of Superman’s alternate forms. Either way, the outcome wouldn’t change. While Pan is a Dragon Ball character, she has yet to unlock her true powers and potential. Once she obtains those, then she’ll likely surpass all of the comic characters. We can’t gauge fighters based on their potential though so until she lives up to it, it’s just not enough. Superman wins.

Black Adam vs Pan

Suggested by IKnowledge This is a rare event…a DBZ (GT technically) character losing to a comic book fighter? You may think that this is madness, but let me explain. While Pan will likely realize her true Saiyan abilities at some point, we have never actually seen them. At the moment, her power level is actually fairly small and I don’t see her being able to keep up with Black Adam. She may put up a better fight than you’d suspect, but the victor would never be in doubt. She’ll have to hope that Dragon Ball Super does something with her character, but I wouldn’t count on it. Black Adam wins.

Vegeta vs Pan

Vegeta is back once again and he’s up against Pan. She may be pretty tough for her age, but she’s not even close to Vegeta’s level. Vegeta has his Big Bang Attack and he can cause some pretty intense damage with a single shot. Pan drops down the ranks with this loss, but she tried. Vegeta wins.

Giru vs Pan

Pan is back and this time she’s up against Giru. This is her last match so she needs to make it count! And she does in this win against Giru. Giru may be strong, but he’s not part Saiyan. That’s Pan’s big advantage and she takes it all the way for the win in this round. Giru loses his debut fight. Pan wins.

Pan vs Goku

The Start of the DBGT Space Buddies Arc! Pan may be a fighter, but she can’t quite take on a SSJ4. Goku is far too powerful and takes many opponents down in one shot. Pan would be no different. She’s never faced a being as powerful as Goku and probably never will. There aren’t many who can fight Goku. Goku wins.

Dr Gero vs Pan

Dr Gero has powers that are pretty skilled. Even when Goku turned into a Super Saiyan he wasn’t fazed. His power level is incredibly high and he can take down most characters in the blink of an eye. Pan is a proud saiyan warrior, but not even she can take down someone of Gero’s level. Dr Gero wins.

Pan vs Cell

Cell has enough power to destroy whole solar systems in a single blast. His power is unimaginable and he could take out Pan in an instant. She just doesn’t have the kind of power that Cell has. Cell rises up the ranks while Pan takes a step down. She fought well, but in the end she was out of her league. Cell wins.