Black Adam vs Pan

Suggested by IKnowledge This is a rare event…a DBZ (GT technically) character losing to a comic book fighter? You may think that this is madness, but let me explain. While Pan will likely realize her true Saiyan abilities at some point, we have never actually seen them. At the moment, her power level is actually fairly small and I don’t see her being able to keep up with Black Adam. She may put up a better fight than you’d suspect, but the victor would never be in doubt. She’ll have to hope that Dragon Ball Super does something with her character, but I wouldn’t count on it. Black Adam wins.


2 thoughts on “Black Adam vs Pan

  1. Nice work on this! I wouldn’t count Pan out too! If people think her Grandfather can beat Superman, who Black Adam is equal to, then I wouldn’t exclude her. Also, a battle idea: Aki Izinski (Yugioh 5Ds) vs The Joker?

    • That’s true, but we need Pan to at least get Super Saiyan. She doesn’t need SSJ3 or anything like that, but even normal SSJ would go a long way. I’ll add Akiza vs Joker to the vault

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