Waddle Doo vs Goomba

Suggested by Destroyer A Goomba is a pretty fierce opponent. Certainly not someone you want to have to fight without warning. That being said, Waddle Doo has a little energy blast of sorts that he can use and it would work rather well in this confrontation. Goomba won’t have many ways to dodge the attack and will quickly be thrown down for the count. There just isn’t any escape. Waddle Doo wins.

Clockman vs Goomba

Suggested by Sonic Goomba is a pretty resourceful creature and certainly a loyal minion of Bowser. You can’t go wrong with having this guy in your employ since he will always make sure you come out on top. That being said, one Goomba on his own doesn’t make for a very powerful opponent. Clockman’s energy blades would quickly slice this guy to ribbons. Clockman can move quickly and has some time manipulation abilities as well which makes things even tougher for Goomba. Clockman wins.

Pinkie Pie vs Goomba

Suggested by Destroyer Finally it’s time for the Goomba to show up and give these characters the work. Pinkie Pie is a pretty tough pony and a proud member of the Mane 6, but is she really ready to handle this Goomba? I have some doubts at first since Goomba can turn giant and has a lot of determination but in the end I’d say that she has this. Her Party Cannon really does wonders as well as her brief energy manipulation in Equestria Girls. A compact energy blast should take care of this guy. Pinkie Pie wins.

Derpy vs Turkey

Suggested by Destroyer Derpy is a pretty nice pony but she hasn’t gotten nearly the same amount of power ups as the rest of the ponies which gets pretty tricky for her. Still, she’s more than a match for a Turkey. Derpy can still fly around and ram into her opponents. The Turkey will have a hard time avoiding those moves and can’t really do much to combat them either. Turkey just isn’t really a fighter and so while this may not be a super one sided match, the victor is clear. Derpy wins.

Graboid vs Goomba

Suggested by Destroyer The Graboids are pretty tricky monsters that specialize in moving while underground. They’ll tackle anyone who gets in their way and that makes them tough to stop. The average Goomba would get squashed but maybe the Giant Goomba would have a shot? No dice, while they may be large, they still can’t do much of anything. A few chomps from this creature would take him out of the picture real quick. Graboid wins.

Jirass vs Goomba

Suggested by Destroyer Goomba is probably one of the most well known minions of all time. This is not a villain to be taken lightly in the slightest. That said, it won’t take Jirass very long to take him down for the count. Goomba just isn’t in the same league as Jirass and that much will be clear from the opening shot. Goomba has no way to defend himself against such a move and will ultimately go down. Jirass won’t even need the patented energy blast here. Jirass wins.

Rainbow Dash vs Goomba

Suggested by Destroyer A Goomba is a pretty iconic enemy. I doubt that there is anyone around who isn’t familiar with this classic opponent. That being said, this enemy is not particularly skilled. Rainbow Dash will be able to zip around Goomba with relative ease thanks to her super speed and versatile attacks. Goomba doesn’t really have a defense against such moves and would ultimately be overwhelmed. What he needs is a good power up. Rainbow Dash wins.

Pac Man vs Goomba

Suggested by Destroyer The Goomba is one of the most iconic enemies of all time. You really have to give them credit for going up against Mario time and time again. While they ultimately never win it is the thought that counts. That won’t be enough to survive against this ball of fury though. Pac Man can quickly launch a bell or a key at the Goomba and that’ll be game over for the creature. The loss was inevitable. Pac Man wins.

Vakishim vs Goomba

Suggested by Destroyer Goomba is one of the most well known enemies in all of fiction. The guy has been around since the very beginning and while he may loose every match that he is in the guy never loses heart. He is absolutely outgunned in every match but still manages to stay strong and keeps on trying to make a name for himself. If that isn’t true dedication then I don’t know what is. It won’t be enough to win though. Vakishim wins.

Sonic vs Goomba

Suggested by Anonymous It’s hard not to admire Goomba’s tenacity and fearlessness in the midst of certain defeat. At this point, he knows that he cannot beat Mario but still gives it a fair try year after year. Fighting with Sonic will be just as futile. Sonic can hop on him the same way that Mario does and the match will be over even sooner than usual. Ah well, at least it’ll be over before Goomba has a chance to blink. Sonic wins.