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Bass vs Graboid

The Graboid is back yet again and this time he’s up against the strongest blog fighter of all time! Bass is far superior to this monster and his speed is on a whole different level. The Graboid just won’t stand a chance against Bass’ amazing power and unrelenting resolve. Hopefully this will be the Graboid’s final loss! Bass wins.

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Tsuna vs Graboid

Graboid is back and now he is up against the skilled Tsuna. Tsuna could defeat Graboid with a single X Burner. No Graboid could survive such a blast and Tsuna wouldn’t even need to break a sweat. Tsuna is far stronger than he may appear to be and he’s easily one of the blog’s top fighters. This monster never stood a chance. Tsuna wins.

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Zero vs Graboid

Graboids are tough, but they wont be able to win this round. Zerio is far too powerful to lose this round. Zero is an S class maverick hunter and he cant be stopped by such a beast. Zero is faster and stronger than a Graboid. The Graboids keep on losing, but at least they’re finally getting some recognition on the blog. Zero wins.

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Ichigo vs Graboid

Ichigo has his Bankai at the ready and his speed is immense. There aren’t many people who can really hope to challenge him. Ichigo is one of Shonen Jump’s stronger fighters and he has done very well on the blog so far. The Graboid wont be able to land a single hit on him. The Graboid is seriously lacking speed and that is a big weakness. Ichigo wins.

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Graboid vs Ryoma

Ryoma is an expert tennis player and no monster is going to keep him down for the count! Graboids can be dangerous in packs and are also too much for the average human. It’s a good thing that Ryoma is far superior to a mere mortal and his tennis skills will be all that he needs to win this round. The Graboid drops down the ranks with this loss. Ryoma wins.

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Godzilla vs Graboid

Godzilla is the King of the Monsters and one good shot from his Atomic Breath will destroy the Graboid in an instant. Graboids have very low durability and they’re simply no match for an opponent like Godzilla. Godzilla has the size advantage and their power levels aren’t even close. The Graboid is doomed this time. Godzilla wins.