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Sonic vs Goomba

Suggested by Anonymous It’s hard not to admire Goomba’s tenacity and fearlessness in the midst of certain defeat. At this point, he knows that he cannot beat Mario but still gives it a fair try year after year. Fighting with Sonic will be just as futile. Sonic can hop on him the same way that Mario does and the match will be over even sooner than usual. Ah well, at least it’ll be over before Goomba has a chance to blink. Sonic wins.

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Goomba vs Nemo

I’m afraid that this is one fight where Nemo can’t win. Goombas are pretty good at walking horizontally and eventually he would charge into Nemo. Goomba also has a baseball bat with him and that’s never good news for the opponent. Nemo may have lost the match, but not the war. After all…you can never count Nemo out of a battle for long! Goomba wins.

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Goomba vs Blaziken

Goombas may be strong in numbers, but they wouldn’t be able to take Blaziken down. Blaziken is great at hand to hand combat and he’s also got a large array of attacks at his disposal. Goomba wouldn’t be able to get through them and there’s not much that he can do offensively even if he was to get near Blaziken. There just isn’t any hope for him! Blaziken wins.

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Marcus vs Goomba

Goombas can be pretty magical creatures when you think about it. They have the power to crush a gamer’s heart and dreams with a single charge in any level of a Mario game. Unfortunately, that won’t be enough to defeat Marcus. Marcus can take them out with his DNA Punch and that would be the end of the match. Marcus wins.

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Captain Kirk vs Goomba

Captain Kirk is ready for another round and it would seem that he is here for a win this time! A Goomba is hardly one of the more terrifying creatures around and while he has a lot of items at his disposal, it won’t be enough. Captain Kirk just needs one good shot from his energy blaster and he’ll have taken a complete victory. Captain Kirk wins.

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Mega Man vs Goomba

Mega Man is back and he’s ready for another win! He has gotten many forms over the years and his power levels continue to rise. At this point, I doubt that any character in Nintendo would have a chance of defeating him. Mega Man is just on a different level of power and nobody will dare to stand in his way! Mega Man wins.

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Master Chief vs Goomba

Goombas are nice little creatures who excel at winning and rising up the blog ranks when the need arises. Unfortunately for him, Master Chief is no pushover and he’ll be taking a win with this round. Goombas are resourceful and skilled, but not skilled enough to defeat a guy carrying a machine gun! Master Chief wins.