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Pac Man vs II Piantissimo

PacMan Pit
II Piantissimo is a tough opponent to defeat, but he still won’t be much of a challenge for Pac Man. Pac Man has eaten many opponents in the past and he has mastered the elements. A single blast from his fire or ice form should knock the fight out of II Piantissimo and Pac Man’s wide array of attacks will keep the racer guessing. Pac Man earns himself yet another win and I doubt that we’ve seen the last of him. Pac Man wins.

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II Piantissimo vs Biollante

This is a tough battle since II Piantissimo is physically strong enough to hurt Mario just by bumping into him and he’s obviously meta human based off of his race against the plumber. That being said, he hasn’t shown anything beyond this so I’m going to have to assume that he is not ready to defeat a Kaiju. Biollante can blast away at him until he goes down. Biollante wins.

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Il Piantissimo vs Kite

ll Piantissimo has his paint brush, but in the end that’s not enough to defeat Kite. Kite has his twin blades that he can use to cause chaos to everyone around him. ll Piantissimo just won’t be able to resist the Data Drain and will die pretty fast. Kite has defeated opponents stronger than him. Kite wins.

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Il Piantissimo vs Cosmic Mario

Il Piantissimo has a paint brush, but I’m afraid it won’t do any good against Cosmic Mario. Cosmic Mario is like Mario, just when you touch him you get hurt. Cosmic Mario is a step above Il Piantissimo and he knows it. Cosmic Mario wins, but I’m afraid with his skills Il Piantissimo reigns supreme. Il Piantissimo wins.