Alex Hopper vs Dipsy

Dipsy is a resourceful fighter, but that won’t be enough for Alex Hopper. He was able to successfully break into a store and steal some food for himself during the movie Battleship. That already shows that the man has talent. He also has a gun which is always useful to have in a pinch. Dipsy can try to run around which will buy some time, but certainly not much. At the end of the day Dipsy just won’t be able to beat Alex. Alex Hopper wins.

Sherlock Holmes vs Dipsy

This is a tribute to the latest Sherlock Holmes film that I’ve seen. Holmes proved that even when he is on a boat he is a dangerous opponent to mess with. Dipsy never showed quite the same level of intelligence during the Telletubbies TV show so I don’t think Holmes will have much of a problem in this battle of wits. Even if he does, Holmes has some decent hand to hand skills at the ready to back him up so the detective shall be fine. Sherlock Holmes wins.

Segata Sanshiro vs Dipsy

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Suggested by Adrogoz Segata Sanshiro is a skilled martial artist so it’s no surprise that he can take down Dipsy. Dipsy is a nice character and all, but at the end of the day a Telletubby just isn’t much of a fighter. There isn’t anything Dipsy can do to land any damage here so the fight is effectively over as soon as it has begun. Segata Sanshiro wins.

Space Dandy vs Dipsy

It looks like Space Dandy is back! He may look like the kind of guy who just fixes his hair all day until it looks like that, but he’s actually a trained professional when it comes down to a fight. He has a laser gun and one good shot should take Dipsy down for the count. Dipsy never stood a chance this time! Space Dandy wins.

Jack Sparrow vs Dipsy

Jack Sparrow is back and the Teletubbies continue their war against the pirate. Dipsy is up at bat this time and who can forget Dipsy’s previous battles on the blog. Dipsy always gives the match his 100% best, but it’s simply not enough. Jack Sparrow just needs to fire off a few rounds on his gun and it’s game over. Jack Sparrow wins.

Gorilla Grodd vs Dipsy

Gorilla Grodd is back and now he’s up against Dipsy! Dipsy is pretty quick and resourceful when necessary, but that won’t be enough to claim victory here. Gorilla Grodd is very experienced and he possesses enough raw power to simply take Dipsy down in a fist fight. The Teletubbies lose another battle with this round! Gorilla Grodd wins.

Hiruzen Sarutobi vs Dipsy

The Third Hokage has always been a pretty impressive fighter and it’s really just been bad luck that has kept him in the winless category. Well, that changes here since he easily defeats Daisy and scores the first blog win of his career. I have a feeling that things are about to change for Hiruzen as this is only the beginning of his win streak. Hiruzen Sarutobi wins.

Dipsy vs Nami

Dipsy is a pretty tough fighter depending on the amount of fighters that you are looking at, but Nami still has the edge here. Her hand to hand skills would be enough to win this round, but she also has her Weather Tempo at the ready for all situations. Dipsy is not going to be able to win this round so the Teletubby will have to drop down the ranks. Nami wins.

Dipsy vs Bass

Dipsy makes his debut on the blog! Dipsy may look pretty tough, but he’s no match for Bass! With a single blast Bass can cause some awesome destruction and just doesn’t go down! With this win he rises up the ranks and gets even closer to 300 wins! Won’t that be the day right!? Bass wins.