Alex Hopper vs Brontosaurus

This was an interesting round. According to some articles I was reading, Dinosaurs are effectively bullet proof. Not all of them, but the larger ones would be because of how thick their skin is and how little blood they would lose from getting shot. After that the question is…can Alex last long enough to do any real damage? It’s also been a while since I saw the film so I can’t remember if he got anything stronger than his sniper rifle towards the middle of the film. I can’t think of anything and the boats wouldn’t be handy here without any other crew. As of now, Brontosaurus takes the win and moves up, but this is definitely one that could change rather easily. Brontosaurus wins.


Alex Hopper vs Pac Man

Alex Hopper may have seen some success in the Battleship film, but now he’s up against a real alien. Pac Man’s supernatural abilities seem to have no limit as he invents a new form with each berry that he consumes. The classic Pac Man didn’t even need berries as various switches and fruits would give him new abilities. One good hit from Pac Man’s shockwave attack should send Alex flying. Pac Man wins.

Batman vs Alex Hopper

Beware the Batman still_10
Alex Hopper may have dealt with aliens in the past, but that’s not going to be good enough to tackle the Dark Knight. Batman has definitely fought his share of aliens in the past and I dare say that they were a little tougher than the ones that Alex dealt with. Alex drops down the ranks with this loss, but at least he got to fight on the blog again. Batman wins.

Lazerman vs Alex Hopper

Alex Hopper has his gun at the ready and he’s decently experienced, but he’s not ready to take on someone like Lazerman. Lazerman is on quite the win streak right now and that doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Alex Hopper can try to hop away, but Lazerman has the edge in speed and he won’t even need his lasers to win. Lazerman wins.

Alex Hopper vs Godzilla

Alex Hopper may have been the hero in Battleship, but that’s not really going to make Godzilla impressed. Godzilla could defeat him with a single Atomic blast or he could just step on Hopper. Alex Hopper can try to hop away, but that’s not a great strategy in the long run. I’m afraid that Alex Hopper has finally met his match against the King of the Monsters! Godzilla wins.

Alex Hopper vs Mario

Mario is a plumber who is immensely powerful and he has been through many battles. He has now joined a select group of fighters who have cracked 100 battles on the blog! He may not have Samus Aran’s speed or Link’s experience, but Mario still has many items at his disposal and they increase his threat level. Alex Hopper never got any good weapons and he’s not in Mario’s league. Mario wins.

Alex Hopper vs Train

Alex Hopper is back and he’s ready to roll. Train can shoot energy blasts from his gun. One hit from such a powerful blast would defeat Hopper in an instant! Alex Hopper just wasn’t prepared to take on such a being. Train rises up the blog ranks with this win and reminds us why he is the best gunman. Train wins.

Alex Hopper vs Megaman

Alex Hopper is back, but his gun won’t be able to do any damage to someone as powerful as Megaman. One blast from Megaman could shatter whole planets. His speed is enough to circle the planet many times in an instant. Alex Hopper won’t be able to comprehend such abilities and he would just lose. Megaman wins.

Alex Hopper vs Bass

This is a tribute to Battleship. Alex Hopper makes his blog debut. Bass may be powerful, but Alex Hopper has his hand to hand skills….right? Well either way he can’t win this battle, Bass is just far too powerful for him. Bass could win in one blow. Maybe Alex Hopper will be back someday. Bass wins.