Ford Brody vs Jack Sparrow

Suggested by Destroyer Jack Sparrow has limited invincibility which is usually not super useful in a fight but when both combatants are effectively human then the game changes. Ford is a better shot with his gun and I would say he is the better fighter too, but not enough to overcome this hurdle. A few bullets will take him out while it will take several to beat Jack. It’s also not like Jack has 0 combat experience either. Jack Sparrow wins.

Ford Brody vs Alex Hopper

Suggested by Destroyer Alex Hopper is a little underrated as a character because nobody even knows about his existence. That said, the guy has a gun and can fight reasonably well. He just isn’t up to par against a fully trained soldier like Ford Brody. That guy has better weapons at his disposal and also better experience. It’s unlikely that he would be going down in this fight. Ford Brody wins.

Ford Brody vs Vegeta

Ford Brody is a very capable guy who can fight in hand to hand combat or with his gun. Either way he is ready for the average opponent. That being said, he isn’t quite ready to go after someone like Vegeta. Just think about it for a moment, how do you hope to beat someone like Vegeta? Vegeta has enough power to wipe out all living things in the solar system. That kind of power doesn’t come cheap nor can it be stopped so easily. This is the end of the road for Ford. Vegeta wins.

Ford Brody vs Norman Bates

Suggested by Destroyer It’s time for a battle of opposites. Ford Brody is the ultimate GI Joe who went all in against the Kaiju known as Godzilla. Then you have Norman who usually likes to attack people with sneaky maneuvers. In a straight up fight Ford would definitely take Norman down. He’s got the better weapons as well as the better training. There isn’t anything Norman can do to stop his inevitable defeat. Ford Brody wins.