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Rainbow Dash vs Norman Bates

Suggested by Destroyer Norman Bates has a gun, but that’s really all he’s got going for him. Beyond that he is just an ordinary guy so Rainbow Dash will have no trouble dealing with him. She has super speed which is incredibly handy in all kinds of situations. She can dodge every shot and just barrel into him. A tackle at that speed will certainly leave a mark and Norman will have no way to recover from such a shot. Rainbow Dash wins.

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Ford Brody vs Norman Bates

Suggested by Destroyer It’s time for a battle of opposites. Ford Brody is the ultimate GI Joe who went all in against the Kaiju known as Godzilla. Then you have Norman who usually likes to attack people with sneaky maneuvers. In a straight up fight Ford would definitely take Norman down. He’s got the better weapons as well as the better training. There isn’t anything Norman can do to stop his inevitable defeat. Ford Brody wins.

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Penguin vs Norman Bates

Suggested by Destroyer Norman Bates is basically just an ordinary guy with a sharp knife. I don’t really think he could actually do all that much against the Penguin. Lets just think about this for a second. The Penguin has a bunch of gadgets in his umbrella and he has gone up against Batman in the past. Do we really think that Norman has any kind of combat experience at the ready with which he can counter that? I certainly don’t and I doubt he did anything in the Bates Motel show to help him get any stronger. Penguin wins.

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Lara Croft vs Norman Bates

Suggested by Destroyer Lara Croft was certainly one of the most popular video game heroines back in the day. While her games have slowed down, she is still very popular and has a new film coming out soon. Norman Bates would stand no chance against her in close quarters combat and she is also more proficient with a gun. Bates is just completely outranked in this battle and he won’t be able to keep up with her. Lara Croft wins.

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Jack Torrance vs Norman Bates


Suggested by Destroyer Jack may be famous for his axe skills in the Shining but Norman Bates is pretty good at using a dagger against opponent who can’t actually fight back. Norman isn’t as physically strong as Jack and he has less battle experience. There’s a reasonable chance that Norman can just get the first hit and claim victory but I don’t think it’s likely. Jack Torrance wins.

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Beast vs Norman Bates

Day 1 of round 1 of the tournament ends here. Norman Bates knows how to attack people who can’t fight back once they have let their guard down, but that doesn’t mean that he can defeat the Beast. Beast is stronger than the average human as well as quicker. I don’t really see him going down so easily here. Norman would need quite the arsenal to stop the Beast since even a gun wouldn’t help him much. Norman just wouldn’t be able to get the shot off in time. Beast wins.

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Norman Bates vs Pac Man

Norman Bates won’t fare very well against the mighty Pac Man! He can try to grab his knife, but that’ll give Pac Man enough time to throw one of his keys at Norman Bates, which will take him out of the fight for good. Norman can’t move quick enough to dodge that projectile and he certainly won’t survive getting hit by it. Pac Man wins.

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Norman Bates vs Godzilla

The month of Godzilla is finally upon us! The film may be coming out in May, but we have now cracked the 30 day mark until the film. This means that it’s time for Godzilla to make his entrance upon the blog once more! Norman Bates has a dagger at the ready, but that would likely just make Godzilla laugh as he steps on the poor fellow. Godzilla takes the easy victory! Godzilla wins.

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Joey Jones vs Norman Bates

Joey is a new fighter for the blog and he is definitely a quick one. Does his speed surpass that of Sonic or Rainbow Dash? Well, that remains to be seen, but its definitely interesting. Norman doesn’t have a chance against someone of Joey’s level. Joey is a solid character to add to the blog cast. Joey Jones wins.

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Boba Fett vs Norman Bates

Boba Fett is a pretty bold fighter and he shouldn’t be underestimated. He has laser blasts at the ready and he has a lot of combat experience. Norman Bates has defeated a few opponents, but not nearly as many as Boba. He starts off his blog career with a win. Boba Fett wins.