Norman Bates vs Dominic Toretto

This is a tribute to Fast & The Furious 6. Dominic hasn’t slowed down as the films go on and that’s bad news for Norman who is definitely out of his league here. Norman is good when he can land a sneak attack on his opponents but otherwise he won’t be doing a whole lot in a straight fight. He would just end up getting shot as soon as the match begins. Dominic Toretto wins.

Robert McCall vs Norman Bates

This is a tribute to the Equalizer. Robert did really well in this film. His gunskills were on point and he is also good at thinking on the fly and using whatever tools are around. Norman Bates is good at sneak attacks but I don’t see him being able to do much against Robert in a straight fight. He lacks the technique as well as the experience to get the upper hand on him here. Robert wouldn’t need to even break a sweat here in his journey to victory. A single well placed shot will end things. Robert McCall wins.

Norman Bates vs Howard Aguello

Suggested by Destroyer Norman Bates is a very well known horror icon but I would never really call him much of a fighter. He thrives on his opponents being weak or on sneak attacks. Howard is a similar kind of foe but he does have a gun with him and moves pretty quickly all the time. He’d definitely be able to overpower Norman in a 1 on 1 battle. I don’t see Norman being able to do much of anything in this fight but of course if he can get in range his knife skills could get tricky. Howard Aguello wins.

Norman Bates vs Pinkie Pie

Suggested by Destroyer Pinkie Pie loves to have fun with mischief and messing with opponents. She’s got her Party Cannon at the ready at all times. While she rarely gets serious, Pinkie Pie can step up when needed. Norman is out of his league here due in large part to the fact that he has no ace up his sleeve. He has no way to really counter Pinkie’s attacks and isn’t fast enough to get close to her. A quick energy blast will take him out of the running very quickly. Pinkie Pie wins.

Norman Bates vs James Bond

Suggested by Destroyer James Bond is an agent who has been in a lot of fights. While I take shots at him quite often, you can’t deny his power. Bond is a better hand to hand fighter than Norman and he’s also an expert shot. A single bullet would put Norman away and that’s the thing with being human. Unless you have a lot of experience of agility you will ultimately lose in one blow if the attack lands. I don’t trust Norman to be able to dodge the shot. James Bond wins.

Norman Bates vs Chunk

Suggested by Destroyer Norman Bates is a serial killer who is decent with a knife. That said, he’s not used to going up against actual opponents. The Chunk has teleportation and gravity powers. Norman has no experience dealing with either one of those moves and he would quickly be overwhelmed here. There’s just nothing he can hope to do against the Chunk. The Chunk would easily crush the life out of Norman and that would be game over. It’s rare to see this guy getting wins. The Chunk wins.

Jirass vs Norman Bates

Suggested by Destroyer Norman Bates is one of those guys who can manage to take someone down if he has the element of surprise and they can’t fight back. He’s actually not really much of a fighter though. He would not last very long against a truly powerful opponent and I don’t think that will come as a surprise to anyone. Jirass is a Kaiju of unimaginable power. He won’t be going down very easily here and nothing Norman has up his sleeve can even deal any damage. Jirass wins.

Rainbow Dash vs Norman Bates

Suggested by Destroyer Norman Bates has a gun, but that’s really all he’s got going for him. Beyond that he is just an ordinary guy so Rainbow Dash will have no trouble dealing with him. She has super speed which is incredibly handy in all kinds of situations. She can dodge every shot and just barrel into him. A tackle at that speed will certainly leave a mark and Norman will have no way to recover from such a shot. Rainbow Dash wins.

Ford Brody vs Norman Bates

Suggested by Destroyer It’s time for a battle of opposites. Ford Brody is the ultimate GI Joe who went all in against the Kaiju known as Godzilla. Then you have Norman who usually likes to attack people with sneaky maneuvers. In a straight up fight Ford would definitely take Norman down. He’s got the better weapons as well as the better training. There isn’t anything Norman can do to stop his inevitable defeat. Ford Brody wins.

Penguin vs Norman Bates

Suggested by Destroyer Norman Bates is basically just an ordinary guy with a sharp knife. I don’t really think he could actually do all that much against the Penguin. Lets just think about this for a second. The Penguin has a bunch of gadgets in his umbrella and he has gone up against Batman in the past. Do we really think that Norman has any kind of combat experience at the ready with which he can counter that? I certainly don’t and I doubt he did anything in the Bates Motel show to help him get any stronger. Penguin wins.