The Doctor vs Chell

Suggested by iKnowledge The Doctor is a skilled strategist who can fight when necessary. While Chell’s portal gun may be difficult for most fighters to counter, The Doctor is one of the few guys around who would have the equipment needed to deal with it. His screwdriver could break the gun if he gets in close enough and The Doctor is fast enough to catch her and break it. Chell is strong in her own right as well but not nearly strong enough to clutch out a victory here. Ultimately she will fall. The Doctor wins.

The Doctor vs Nami

Suggested by iKnowledge It’s time for a battle of geniuses. Both of these combatants prefer to use tools to fight instead of their fists. The Doctor has more sophisticated tech and would be able to clear just about any challenge ahead of Nami. However in a 1 on 1 fight I believe Nami would have the edge. She has more experience in such combat and her illusions will make it difficult for the Doctor to tag her. Nami’s lightning bolts continue to get a boost every arc as well and she has even gained the ultimate lightning cloud in the latest arc. The Doctor’s shields will only be able to keep it together for a short while. Granted, there may be some Doctor gadgets that I am unaware of so this is a match that could easily be changed if he ever gets something to tip the scales. Nami wins.

Kiva vs The Doctor

The Doctor is a pretty smart guy and he has certainly been around for a while. That being said, he’s really not much of a fighter. Kiva’s speed and strength are at a very high level and he should e able to easily get in close and win with a critical slash from his fire blade. The Doctor has no real defense options at his disposal that will stop Kiva for long and forget about offensive options. Kiva also has powered up forms that he could use if necessary. Kiva wins.

Doc Brown vs The Doctor

Doc Brown is pretty smart, but he’s not quite as smart as The Doctor. The Doctor has been through many adventures and his wit is always enough to get him out alive. Doc Brown made his own time travelling device, but not even that is enough to match feats with The Doctor and his Tardis. The Doctor wins.

The Doctor vs Bly

The Doctor is back, but I don’t think that he can take on someone as powerful as Bly. Bly has his super sword and one good attack is all he needs to take on just about anyone. The Doctor is pretty smart, but Bly has more battle knowledge and his hand to hand just can’t be stopped! Bly wins.

The Doctor vs Light

The Doctor has a lot of gadgets at his disposal and while he’s not known for his hand to hand combat skills, he can fight if he needs too. Light has his legendary Death Note and he’s a Tennis pro, but in the end that may not be enough. If only he had some cool sci-fi weapons. The Doctor wins.