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The Doctor vs Bly

The Doctor is back, but I don’t think that he can take on someone as powerful as Bly. Bly has his super sword and one good attack is all he needs to take on just about anyone. The Doctor is pretty smart, but Bly has more battle knowledge and his hand to hand just can’t be stopped! Bly wins.

5 thoughts on “The Doctor vs Bly”

  1. The comment on Bly having more battle knowledge is so, SO false, but in a straight-out fight Bly would still probably win. Undoubtedly the Doctor could come up with something, but I doubt Bly would give him time to implement it.

    On another note both the Doctor fights you have so far show the Fourth Doctor, maybe next one you could get one of the others, like Tenth or Eleventh for example? Mix it around a little

    1. The Doctor may be smarter intellectually and have more textbook knowledge of battle, but in actual field combat I don’t think he could match up with Bly. Bly has been in many difficult battle scenarios and he makes sure to execute the perfect winning strategy.

      True, in drafts I did the two fights back to back so I had just recycled the picture to save space (And because I’ve always thought of the fourth doctor as his best incarnation) but I’ll definitely use another one for his next fight

      1. In actual fighting skill, moves and such, Bly probably has the edge. Experience and strategy-wise… The Doctor fought in the Last Great Time War. And is suggested to have personally ended it. Considering what the war became by the end, I doubt any experience Bly has been through could possibly compare. But in a straight-out fight he’s still probably got this.

      2. Yeah, The Doctor has more overall experience and strategy wise he may be better at making plans for groups and have great plans in theory, but in the heat of battle, he wouldn’t be able to use battle tactics as well as Bly. Of course if it were a group battle it could be different

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