Gigan vs Doc Brown

Suggested by Destroyer Doc Brown is one of the smartest guys to have graced the future with his presence. He’s definitely not someone who will go down easy, but without sufficient prep time there isn’t much he can do against Gigan. Gigan is in a completely different class both in power and speed. I don’t really see how Doc Brown can hope to challenge him here. His inventions won’t save him. Gigan wins.

Rintarou Okabe vs Doc Brown

Rintarou Okabe and Doc Brown are both pretty smart guys and have experience in time travel. I’m definitely tempted to go with Rintarou Okabe since he’s a lot more athletic than Doc Brown, but the good ole Doctor does have a gun. One bullet should be enough to put Rintarou Okabe out of commision and that is why he’s going to have to lose this round. If he were to get a gun himself….everything could change! Doc Brown wins.

Doc Brown vs The Doctor

Doc Brown is pretty smart, but he’s not quite as smart as The Doctor. The Doctor has been through many adventures and his wit is always enough to get him out alive. Doc Brown made his own time travelling device, but not even that is enough to match feats with The Doctor and his Tardis. The Doctor wins.

Marty McFly vs Doc Brown

Marty McFly is more used to fighting than Doc Brown is, but Doc Brown has the age advantage…right? Well, we briefly saw Marty McFly in his 40’s and I think that should level the playing field. They’re both pretty tough guys, but Marty McFly’s got a hoverboard. That should let him take the win in this round. Marty McFly wins.