Segata Sanshiro vs Po

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Suggested by Adrogoz The Teletubbies are a pretty tight unit of fighters who can hold their own against just about anyone. Thing is, they still aren’t quite ready to handle someone like Segata. This is even more apparent when the team is divided. Po has no attacks that could work here. Segata wins.

Space Dandy vs Po

Space Dandy is back against one of the Teletubbies! We have to admire their persistence even if it won’t be enough to claim the win here. Space Dandy has his space gun and he could probably fight in close combat situations if the need arose. Po is simply outmatched here and Dandy gets to rise up through the blog ranks. Space Dandy wins.

Jack Sparrow vs Po

This is Jack Sparrow’s final match against the Teletubbies so he’ll definitely need to make it count. It’s hard not to root for Po here, but even I have to admit that the Teletubby is outmatched. Jack Sparrow has his sword/rapier and one stab would end the fight. Jack may even have the edge in a hand to hand fight if it ever came down to that. Jack Sparrow wins.

Gorilla Grodd vs Po

Gorilla Grodd is finally facing off against the final Teletubby! We have to give Gorilla Grodd credit here since not many fighters could have defeated all of the Teletubbies so easily. Gorilla Grodd’s brute strength and his telepathic abilities have certainly given him the edge in this brawl. Gorilla Grodd wins.

Hiruzen Sarutobi vs Po

Looks like the Third Hokage is ready to take his first win on the blog! Po is a tough teletubby, but I have a feeling that you already know who’s going to win this round. The Third Hokage has a large array of ninjutsu at his command so it shouldn’t be very difficult for him to decide on how he should win. Any attack will suffice in this situation. Hiruzen Sarutobi wins.

Nami vs Po

Nami wraps up her win streak against the Teletubbies with this win. Po has heart and you can always count on her to do the right thing, but that still doesn’t guarantee a win on the blog. Nami has more combat experience and she is the better hand to hand fighter. Poor Po will need to drop down the ranks. Nami wins.

Brook vs Po

Po is a pretty tough fighter and I definitely wouldn’t underestimate her. Sadly, she still won’t be able to take on Brook. Brook has his sword skills and he’s a capable fighter. He rises up the blog ranks, but a character who is this unlikable can’t keep on winning for long. At least he rose up the ranks for a while. Brook wins.

Bass vs Po

Po is back and is also the final Teletubby to try and fight Bass! Of course Po is doomed because Bass cannot be stopped. Bass is one of those beings who knows no limits. He’s just far too powerful and we all know it. One day the whole world will realize his true power, but it may be too late. Bass wins.