Dario Brando vs Segata Sanshiro

Suggested by Adrogoz Dario Brando is back once again, but now he is up against one of the martial art champs! Segata isn’t the kind of guy who will pull his punches and it’s safe to say that he is considerably more powerful than Dario. He would be able to defeat the guy with a single punch and that’s before he gets serious. That’s the difference in their abilities. Segata Sanshiro wins.

Dario Brando vs Nami

Suggested by Adrogoz Dario Brando is a new fighter who is ready for some action, but I’m afraid that there aren’t many fighters that he can beat. The guy is effectively just an old man who might have a gun at best. Nami could easily beat him in close quarters combat or she can just zap him with a lightning bolt. As Dario isn’t exactly a quality character I don’t expect that he will go very far in his future fights either. Meanwhile Nami continues her winning streak. Nami wins.