Aunt May vs Mama Bear

Suggested by Destroyer Aunt May and Mama Bear are both responsible for keeping their households in check. Mama Bear has natural super strength since she is a bear, but it won’t be enough to stop Aunt May. Why? Because Aunt May became Spider Ma’am in one universe and got every bit as strong as Spider-Man. This means she could easily tie up Mama Bear with webbing or she could go in for the win with brute strength. No matter how you slice it this will be a clean win for the Aunt. Aunt May wins.

Gigantosaurus vs Mama Bear

Suggested by Destroyer This match is a bit of a stomp. Mama Bear is certainly a tough figure, but she’s not quite ready to fight huge dinosaurs like this one. The Gigantosaurus lives up to its name and would be able to win this fight with a single bite. I think the real question is whether Mama Bear would surrender the match as soon as it starts or forfeit long before. Either way, that’s her best option. Gigantosaurus wins.

Daniel Larusso vs Mama Bear

Suggested by Destroyer Daniel is the legendary Karate Kid and he knows some pretty good hand to hand skills as a result. He is not the kind of opponent that you can take lightly. Mama Bear is a bear so that works to her favor but she isn’t much of a fighter and doesn’t have the reaction times that she may have once possessed. It is a reasonably close fight since Daniel isn’t fully grown yet, but I do think he is old enough to deal enough damage to claim victory. Daniel Larusso wins.

Mama Bear vs Anguirus

Mama Bear is back, but she can’t win this round. Mama Bear may have her hand to hand skills, but Anguirus is a giant monster and with his skills he could step on Mama Bear. Mama Bear may have lost in this battle, but one day she’ll be back to hopefully get a win. Meanwhile Anguirus rises in the ranks. Anguirus wins.

Mama Bear vs Spiderman 2099

Spidey 2099 is back once again. This time Mama Bear will feel his fury. Mama Bear is skilled, but she has no real combat experience. That will cost her in the end. Spiderman 2099 has fought with big fighters like Lizard and knows the score. Mama Bear takes a heavy loss in this match and may not be back. Spiderman 2099 wins.