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Rhedosaurus vs Gigantosaurus

Suggested by Destroyer The Rhedosaurus will take down Gigantosaurus in much the same way it’s been taking down all of the other monsters who are after him. There just is no beating this guy. The Rhedosaurus is still one of the most deadly adversaries that we’ve ever seen and while the Gigantosaurus is fierce as well, they just aren’t in the same league. The Rhedosaurus will show him who the real king of the dinos is. Rhedosaurus wins.

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Gigantosaurus vs Mama Bear

Suggested by Destroyer This match is a bit of a stomp. Mama Bear is certainly a tough figure, but she’s not quite ready to fight huge dinosaurs like this one. The Gigantosaurus lives up to its name and would be able to win this fight with a single bite. I think the real question is whether Mama Bear would surrender the match as soon as it starts or forfeit long before. Either way, that’s her best option. Gigantosaurus wins.

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Gigantosaurus vs Bass

Suggested by Blake The dinosaurs continue to fall as Bass overwhelms them with speed and power. Gigantosaurus’s strength is typically one of his advantages but it will prove to be a liability here as it makes him a larger target. Bass is quite accurate though so perhaps it did not really matter. Either way one energy blast should be strong enough to finish the job. Bass wins.

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Zilla vs Gigantosaurus

The Gigantosaurus is pretty big, but is he bigger than Zilla? It’s an interesting thing to think about! Either way Zilla is one guy that you don’t want to mess with. His speed is pretty intense and one good bite could help to end the fight in his favor. The Gigantosaurus may be back someday. Zilla wins.