Smaug vs Dragon

Suggested by Destroyer Smaug is a dragon so this is a fairly interesting match. I’d say that he has the edge over a generic Dragon because Smaug has proven himself to be exceptionally dangerous in combat. You’re just not gonna be able to stop him very easily. This dragon will have to retreat before the awesome power of Smaug! At the end of the day their abilities are pretty much identical but only one can win. Smaug wins.


Space Godzilla vs Dragon

sg 1
Dragons can fly at incredible speeds and has some decently good power, but in the end Space Godzilla is just the stronger fighter. Space Godzilla’s got impressive laser blasts as well. Space Godzilla keeps on winning match after match after match. The Dragon may be back someday. Space Godzilla wins.

Lazerman vs Dragon

Lazerman is back for some more wins. A dragon may be powerful, but in the end he lacks the speed needed to take down Lazerman. One disruption beam and the Dragon is toast. Lazerman can destroy whole buildings with a single blast. Dragons can maybe do that, but Lazerman has the edge. Lazerman wins.

The BioLizard vs Dragon

Dragons are cool, they can shoot fire and fly. Of course The BioLizard shoots beams that are more intense than fire. While The BioLizard may not be as fast as a Dragon he still takes the win in this round thanks to his arsenal of beams. Sometimes beams can really turn a battle. The BioLizard wins.