Gigan vs Daddy Long Legs

Suggested by Destroyer Gigan has returned and now he’s up against a spider? I don’t really need to go into depth to explain why he wins this one right? He probably wouldn’t even feel a spider on top of him and its bites certainly wouldn’t do any damage. The real trick for Gigan will be to locate this spider, but with his technology at the ready I’m confident that he could accomplish this. One hit and the match is over. Gigan wins.

Daddy Long Legs vs Praying Mantis

Daddy Long Legs is a tough spider to be sure, but the Praying Mantis is a bit too tough. He once turned into a Giant Monster, probably because of radiation from an Atom Bomb. Either way he cannot be defeated by a regular animal. Praying Mantis wins.

Daddy Long Legs vs Viewtiful Joe

Daddy Long Legs was a 1-0 fighter, but things change. He can’t hold up the fort forever. Viewtiful Joe’s here to get another win and take him down. Daddy Long Legs had a good run and that’s what matters in the end. Viewtiful Joe has shown him that Hero’s never lose. Viewtiful Joe wins.