Gigan vs Boo Boo Bear

Suggested by Destroyer Boo Boo Bear is always ready to give some nice moral support, but at the end of the day he certainly isn’t a fighter. Don’t get confused and think that he will be able to use his creative skills to think of a way to win here. There’s nothing he can do that will put him in any kind of position to steal a win here. Gigan is simply way too powerful and a single move would let him rise to the top. Gigan wins.

Larry Appleton vs Boo Boo Bear

Boo Boo Bear is the kind of character that can definitely make you a little scared. He’s small, but he’s still a bear. That being said, I feel like Larry should have the slight advantage here. I feel like he would end up winning a fist fight between the two fighters and he has more experience with life. Boo Boo Bear won’t be able to adapt to Larry’s attacks in time to take the win, which is why he ends up losing this match. Larry finally gets himself another win! Larry Appleton wins.