Gigan vs Mecha Koopa

Suggested by Destroyer It’s time for Gigan to rise back up and show why he is the highest ranked Kaiju on the blog. He’s a very powerful being who has a buzzsaw and other weapons at his disposal. Gigan can win just about any battle through sheer brawn, but having these other options never hurts. A Mecha Koopa has little to no durability whatsoever so there isn’t really a whole lot that he can do here. One stomp and he’s down for the count. Gigan wins.

Mecha Koopa vs Bowser Jr

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This is Bowser Jr’s chance to win his first battle and he’s definitely not going to let it slip away. Mecha Koopa is pretty dangerous, but that’s just because of the explosion that they can create when they are destroyed. Aside from that, you really can’t go wrong fighting one of those guys. Bowser Jr just needs one shot with his drills and the mech will fall apart. Bowser Jr wins.