Isabelle vs Domestic Longhair

Suggested by Destroyer The Domestic Longhair is a neat cat that certainly has good agility. Isabelle is used to dealing with many sentient animals who are even more skilled though so this won’t be too difficult for her. She has her hammer and a whole slew of other weapons at her disposal. When you factor them all together, it spells bad news for this cat. Isabelle wins.

Domestic Longhair vs One Above All

Suggested by JordyPresto0418 The Domestic Longhair is a pretty fun cat. It’s not particularly large though so it’s going to have a tough time here. The One Above All isn’t the most powerful fighter, but he can still win his share of battles. In this case having the physique of an old man will still be enough to win here. The Domestic Longhair simply isn’t built for combat and will have to settle for a quick surrender here. Perhaps someday someone will make a horror film about the Longhair growing massively powerful one day. That would definitely turn the tides. One Above All wins.

Domestic Longhair vs Gigan

Suggested by Destroyer The Longhair is back, but he won’t do any better against Gigan. Gigan is a Kaiju of unbelievable power. A single energy blast could end this match in an instant and I don’t see any way for the Longhair to counter such a foe. Any hit would bounce off of his armor and the size difference is just crazy. No matter how you slice it Gigan claims victory in this match and increases his record even further from what it once was. Gigan wins.

Domestic Longhair vs Captain Cold

Suggested by Destroyer The Domestic Longhair is a pretty neat cat that is always ready for a fight. There’s just no way he can hope to take on a super villain. Captain Cold’s powers are formidable and he has absolute control over his abilities. Cold can make the room a little cold so the Longhair ends up taking a nap and forfeiting the fight. Ultimately there’s not much more that needs to be said about this round. The “fight” won’t last much longer than a few moments. Captain Cold wins.

Domestic Longhair vs Meowth

Domestic Longhair is a cat of pretty good ability. It can jump pretty high and knows the score. Of course it is going up against Meowth in this round. That’s probably not a good thing. Meowth has some sharp claws at his disposal and will take the win in this round. Meowth wins.

Goldeen vs Domestic Longhair

Domestic Longhair is a pretty tough cat, but he can’t win this round. Goldeen has the legendary Ice Beam! With it Goldeen can take down many opponents with a single blast! Now that’s impressive, Domestic Longhair may be back one day, but will it be for a win? That’s the question! Goldeen wins.

Domestic Longhair vs Robin Hood

Domestic Longhair loses his third match in a row. He just didn’t have the skills to take down Robin Hood. Robin Hood has his arrows which are definitely a huge asset in the field. One arrow can KO Domestic Longhair is it hits. The Domestic Longhair is fast, but in the end not fast enough. Robin Hood wins.

Domestic Longhair vs Charizard

Domestic Longhair is a cat of pretty good athletic abilties. With one good slash he can take down some good opponents. Of course that’s enough to take down Charizard. He has a lot of strength and he can shoot fire. With those abilities he definitely takes the win in this round. Domestic Longhair drops down the ranks. Charizard wins.

Domestic Longhair vs Godzilla

The Domestic Longhair makes it’s debut fight, but in the end he can’t take on the King of the Monsters! Godzilla can take nearly anyone out with a single atomic blast. Such power! The Domestic Longhair may have lost this fight, but one day he will be back to show why he’s so skilled. Godzilla wins.