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Isabelle vs Goldeen

Suggested by Sonic Isabelle is a nice character, but she doesn’t have a ton of combat experience. She would very quickly find herself outmatched against Goldeen and will be without an escape route. Goldeen’s abilities are incredibly impressive and she can even transform into Seaking if necessary. A single Horn attack will end the fight. Isabelle’s hammer and confetti traps will not be enough. Goldeen wins.

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Zelda vs Goldeen

Suggested by Sonic Goldeen was never one of the more impressive water type Pokemon. There are many who surpass her and fighting on land weakens her even further. Zelda has no such weaknesses and with her speed she will be able to easily dodge all of Goldeen’s attacks. I’m afraid that this match won’t be much of a challenge for her compared to taking on Bulbasaur earlier. Perhaps Goldeen will make a comeback at some point with a new form, but until then she must take the loss. Zelda wins.

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Mecha Godzilla 2 vs Goldeen

Things are getting a little dicey for Mecha Godzilla 2 and now he has to deal with Goldeen as well! This is definitely the worst case scenario for the big robotic kaiju. Goldeen has a lot of long range abilities and she can just use her Hyper Beam for maximum damage. Not even Mecha Godzilla 2 could endure that level of power for very long. To think….Goldeen doesn’t even have her Mega form yet! Goldeen wins.

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Charizard vs Goldeen

Charizard vs Goldeen
It’s the classic water vs fire match, but I’m pretty sure that we all know who the victor is. Charizard’s flames burn with a passion that few can stop. He has access to extreme amounts of power in his mega form and his speed is enough to leave most opponents in the dust. Goldeen can use some horn attacks to try and get some distance from Charizard, but it will only buy her a little time before he takes the win. Charizard wins.

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Goldeen vs Domestic Longhair

Domestic Longhair is a pretty tough cat, but he can’t win this round. Goldeen has the legendary Ice Beam! With it Goldeen can take down many opponents with a single blast! Now that’s impressive, Domestic Longhair may be back one day, but will it be for a win? That’s the question! Goldeen wins.