Grim Reaper vs Kabutops

Suggested by Sonic The Grim Reaper is fairly strong and skilled with his scythe. I’ve never found him to be one of the more impressive Avenger villains but his arsenal is fairly diverse. He can fight from up close or afar. He won’t be able to stop Kabutops though. Kabutops is a little too fast and if you want to talk about firepower then Kabutops absolutely has the edge. A quick hyper beam or a few solid energy blasts will take the Reaper out of the equation. Kabutops wins.

Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy vs Kabutops

Suggested by Sonic Mutchy Mutchy may not look all that impressive in his first form but after transforming he is actually quite impressive. You don’t want to overstate his power level since Goku was still in his kid form but that’s still more than enough destructive power to put a stop to Kabutops. Kabutops has a lot of abilities up his sleeve but none of them will have nearly enough power behind them to actually deal any damage. Mutchy Mutchy’s defenses are too great. Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy wins.

Kabutops vs Lucina

The tourney continues as Lucina goes up against a fairly fierce Pokemon. I always thought Kabutops had a pretty cool design. It’s a shame that he doesn’t get to appear more. Still, as strong and skilled as Kabutops is I don’t think he will be able to best Lucina. Lucina’s raw power and speed are both still superior to Kabutops. This will allow her to keep the edge in combat and eventually begin to overwhelm him. Lucina wins.

Kabutops vs Haunter

Kabutops and Haunter clash in this round! They’re both pokemon, but only one of them can get to pwn this time! Haunter is a ghost pokemon which usually helps a lot against most opponents, but I don’t think it’ll be enough to stop Kabutops. He’s just too powerful! Kabutops wins.

Kabutops vs Ash

Kabutops is a pretty tough pokemon, but even more importantly….He’s one of the cooler pokemon! With one slash he can do some pretty massive damage! He’s definitely not a pokemon that you want to mess with. Of course Ash has a lot of pokemon of his own. With them he’s gotten over 100 wins! Ash wins.