Kabutops vs Arbok

Suggested by Sonic Kabutops is resistant to poison and that’s Arbok’s main thing so that will make it difficult for the snake. Additionally, Kabutops has better stats and is a better option for close quarters combat. No matter what Arbok does, he will just have a very hard time trying to keep up. He would need a mega evolution to really try and turn the tides of battle. Kabutops wins.

Seviper vs Arbok

Suggested by Destroyer Seviper and Arbok were always such similar Pokemon that I would have figured Seviper would be an evolved form of Arbok. They are completely separate though and this is a close fight. They’re both poison types with nearly identical stats only Seviper is slightly better all around. (458 vs 438) In the anime Seviper certainly looks more impressive as Arbok rarely gets any wins. Ultimately I would give this to him, Seviper can effectively match Arbok in any area only he is a little more powerful in the end. Seviper wins.

Noctowl vs Arbok

Suggested by Sonic Arbok’s a pretty solid Pokemon, but he’s weak against psychic types so that’s really going to come back to haunt him here. Arbok’s a classic fighter so he’s got a lot of experience and different attacks to use. I have no doubt that he will keep things interesting, but ultimately that just won’t be enough to claim victory here. Noctowl is simply too powerful and will quickly overwhelm Arbok. A good future sight move will do the trick. Noctowl wins.

Aya vs Arbok

Arbok is a pretty tricky pokemon and his speed can be pretty good. Aya has a tough Venonat, but I don’t think that he will be able to keep up. He has his supersonic attack, but Arbok should be able to resist long enough to land a deciding strike. Arbok rises up the ranks with this win. Arbok wins.

Squirtle vs Arbok

Arbok is a pretty tough snake pokemon, but in the end he won’t be able to compete with Squirtle’s speed or intensity. Squirtle can evolve into Blastoise and send some pretty intense power at Arbok. Arbok won’t be able to stand up to that for long and he takes a tough loss in this round. Maybe he’ll be back. Squirtle wins.

Ash vs Arbok

Arbok has always been one of the classier snake pokemon. He’s always had that cool edge to him. Of course Ash has some pokemon that could take Arbok down. His Cyndaquil is far too fast for Arbok and could spam his fire blasts until Arbok loses. Arbok may have lost, but perhaps he will be back. Ash wins.