Seviper vs Plusle

Suggested by Sonic Unfortunately for Plusle, he isn’t quite ready to deal with a Pokemon as dangerous as Seviper. The difference in their overall abilities is much too great. If Pikachu were here it would be different but Plusle doesn’t have enough raw power to zap Seviper into oblivion before eating the counter attacks. Seviper has enough durability to stay in the mix the whole time and won’t be going down here. Plusle would need a speed boost to have a chance. Seviper wins.

Seviper vs Arbok

Suggested by Destroyer Seviper and Arbok were always such similar Pokemon that I would have figured Seviper would be an evolved form of Arbok. They are completely separate though and this is a close fight. They’re both poison types with nearly identical stats only Seviper is slightly better all around. (458 vs 438) In the anime Seviper certainly looks more impressive as Arbok rarely gets any wins. Ultimately I would give this to him, Seviper can effectively match Arbok in any area only he is a little more powerful in the end. Seviper wins.

Seviper vs Serpent

Suggested by Anonymous Serpent is the main villain of the first ZX game. As you can imagine that does put him well above the average foe there. He has various super forms with more than enough firepower to fry Seviper right away. Seviper’s attacks are good and he has a solid array of them, but they won’t be enough to win this battle. Serpent is still in a different league and as a result I don’t imagine that this fight would be a particularly long one. Serpent wins.