Seviper vs Plusle

Suggested by Sonic Unfortunately for Plusle, he isn’t quite ready to deal with a Pokemon as dangerous as Seviper. The difference in their overall abilities is much too great. If Pikachu were here it would be different but Plusle doesn’t have enough raw power to zap Seviper into oblivion before eating the counter attacks. Seviper has enough durability to stay in the mix the whole time and won’t be going down here. Plusle would need a speed boost to have a chance. Seviper wins.

Deoxys vs Plusle

Deoxys can’t exit the day being 0-1 on the blog. Imagine how sad it would be for someone like him to be ranked lower than characters like Oolong and Yamcha? Plusle also can’t quite stay at 1-0. He’s a cool fighter, but not quite ready for the big leagues just yet. Deoxys should be able to win the match very quickly with a quick punch/stab followed up by an energy blast. Deoxys is one of the world’s most powerful Pokemon and I doubt that this will ever change. Deoxys wins.

Minun vs Plusle

Minun and Plusle are almost identical statwise, but the almost part is the key word. Plusle has higher attack power while Minun has the better defense. You may remember that I believe a good offense beats a good defense because power trumps all. If you have a sword and someone else has a shield..who do you think will win? The sword will eventually prevail and that’s the case here. Plusle will keep up the pressure and Minun will eventually fall to her overwhelming might. Plusle wins.