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Minun vs Plusle

Minun and Plusle are almost identical statwise, but the almost part is the key word. Plusle has higher attack power while Minun has the better defense. You may remember that I believe a good offense beats a good defense because power trumps all. If you have a sword and someone else has a shield..who do you think will win? The sword will eventually prevail and that’s the case here. Plusle will keep up the pressure and Minun will eventually fall to her overwhelming might. Plusle wins.

10 thoughts on “Minun vs Plusle”

  1. Actually, attack and defense are equally important. The sword vs shield argument doesn’t really work well if you heard of the irresistable force paradox.

  2. I like Minun more and Plusle is OK but they are really just the same. From looks to even how to move and react to things. Comparing them is hard. I feel kinda bad for Minun now that she’s getting less popularity and love because of Plusle.

  3. And 11 votes and 3 votes?

    I can vote this a thousand times every refresh. Kinda a rigged win, don’t you think? In fact, let me rig it again just to piss people off.

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