Deoxys vs Plusle

Deoxys can’t exit the day being 0-1 on the blog. Imagine how sad it would be for someone like him to be ranked lower than characters like Oolong and Yamcha? Plusle also can’t quite stay at 1-0. He’s a cool fighter, but not quite ready for the big leagues just yet. Deoxys should be able to win the match very quickly with a quick punch/stab followed up by an energy blast. Deoxys is one of the world’s most powerful Pokemon and I doubt that this will ever change. Deoxys wins.

9 thoughts on “Deoxys vs Plusle

  1. Don’t you care about the poor Minun? she never gets any love! You’re giving Plusle a huge avantage against the little blue one and Minun has nothing to do to be on par with the little thing here. Minun’s gonna be with Yamcha because of you. *cry*

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