Pyron vs Deoxys

Suggested by Sonic Deoxys is one of the more powerful Pokemon fighters but even with his speed mode I don’t see him winning this round. Pyron’s been shown to have incredible speed as well along with regeneration that is superior to Deoxys. Deoxys has a lot of different energy moves but since Pyron absorbs energy he will have to rely more on close quarter combat moves which are naturally a lot riskier. I don’t see how he manages to turn this around. Pyron wins.

Bass vs Deoxys

Suggested by Dylan Hooton Deoxys is one of the most powerful Pokemon to ever exist. He’s given both Rayquaza and Mewtwo a good run for their money in the past. He has various forms which augment his stats so he can change depending on who the opponent is. This will not be enough to stop Bass though. Bass is massively faster than light so not even speed form can keep up and his attack/defense are also off the charts. As soon as Bass uses his Hubstyle mode he’ll be able to end the planet in an instant and even Deoxys can’t regenerate from that. Bass wins.

Deoxys vs Sigma

Suggested by Anonymous This is definitely a tricky fight. On one hand Deoxys is incredibly fast and has healing regeneration. He’s been shown to be a very talented fighter over the years. That being said, Sigma has had many power ups too. His speed is more about quick bursts but it will allow for good evasion. I think Sigma’s experience and raw power will prove to be the deciding factor in this match. Sigma wins.

Deoxys vs Plusle

Deoxys can’t exit the day being 0-1 on the blog. Imagine how sad it would be for someone like him to be ranked lower than characters like Oolong and Yamcha? Plusle also can’t quite stay at 1-0. He’s a cool fighter, but not quite ready for the big leagues just yet. Deoxys should be able to win the match very quickly with a quick punch/stab followed up by an energy blast. Deoxys is one of the world’s most powerful Pokemon and I doubt that this will ever change. Deoxys wins.

Mewtwo vs Deoxys
The two strongest Pokemon in the series finally duke it out! Pikachu is a close second, but I believe that these two would defeat him in a fight. Despite the fact that Deoxys has never been playable in Pokken or Super Smash, he’s really close to Mewtwo here. Before Mega Mode, I’d say that Deoxys very well may have had the edge here. His speed is impressive and his instant regeneration would make an anime villain proud. He has several modes, which really makes him ready for any kind of attack, but Mewtwo’s sheer power should be enough to stop in his tracks. It would be a long drawn out battle, but one where Mewtwo ultimately has the edge. Mewtwo wins.