Giovanni vs Sigma

Suggested by Anonymous It’s time for a battle of heavyweights. Sigma is incredibly strong in the X series and has obtained countless power ups. In a straight up battle he would destroy Giovanni in seconds. What will ultimately hold him back here is just the fact that Giovanni has so many Pokemon at his disposal. Sheer numbers can actually come in handy at times and this is one of those times. Sigma just isn’t ready to face Mewtwo, Nidoking, Moltres, Persian, and the many other Pokemon that Giovanni has. They will ultimately rip Sigma to pieces. Giovanni wins.

Sigma vs Mareep

Suggested by Anonymous Mareep is a fun Pokemon and definitely a fairly underrated electric type. That being said, this will not be nearly enough to take down someone like Sigma. Sigma has tons of super forms that he has obtained over the years and seems to get stronger and stronger each time. At this point most of Mareep’s attacks probably wouldn’t even do all that much damage. Meanwhile Sigma can win this in a few hits. Sigma wins.

Deoxys vs Sigma

Suggested by Anonymous This is definitely a tricky fight. On one hand Deoxys is incredibly fast and has healing regeneration. He’s been shown to be a very talented fighter over the years. That being said, Sigma has had many power ups too. His speed is more about quick bursts but it will allow for good evasion. I think Sigma’s experience and raw power will prove to be the deciding factor in this match. Sigma wins.

Bowser vs Sigma

Suggested by Anonymous Bowser is a tough villain, but he’s definitely not in the same league as someone like Sigma. Sigma has really put the maverick hunters through the ringer time and time again. He is a robot like no other with abilities far beyond what you can imagine. A single shot would probably take Bowser down for the count when you consider how much firepower this maverick has got up his sleeve. Sigma wins.

Virgo Shaka vs Sigma

Virgo Shaka is back and now he’s up against Sigma! Sigman is known as Megaman X’s most powerful opponent and he’s definitely a threat to many fighters. He lacks the speed that Megaman X and Zero possess, but his attack power is still pretty good. Virgo Shaka is powerful, but I think that he loses this round, which means that he’s on a dangerous losing streak. Sigma wins.

Sigma vs Cell

Sigma is back, but this time he’s up against Cell. Sigma is definitely powerful, but I’m not quite sure that he’s a solar system buster. Cell’s also got the massive speed advantage in this fight. Sigma’s tough, but in the end he can’t defeat Cell. One good Kamehameha should end this. Cell wins.

Hunter Steele vs Sigma

Hunter Steele is a pretty good sword fighter, but it’s gonna take more than that to defeat Sigma. Sigma is a superb fighter and has taken down many opponents. Not even Hunter Steele will be able to take him down in the end. Sigma’s just too strong. Hunter Steele will be back. Sigma wins.

Sigma vs Bass

Sigma is back to fight. This time he’s up against the Unstoppable Bass! Of course Sigma is no pushover, he has many super forms and he’s fought against the likes of Megaman X and Zero….Teaming up! He has super speed and super strength, but Bass exceeds him in all of those categories. Taking down Bass is impossible! Bass wins.