Isabelle vs Domestic Longhair

Suggested by Destroyer The Domestic Longhair is a neat cat that certainly has good agility. Isabelle is used to dealing with many sentient animals who are even more skilled though so this won’t be too difficult for her. She has her hammer and a whole slew of other weapons at her disposal. When you factor them all together, it spells bad news for this cat. Isabelle wins.

2 thoughts on “Isabelle vs Domestic Longhair

  1. This could be considered Animal Cruelty. What’ll be next; Darth Bane vs. all the Wiggles, King Ghidorah vs. a Gila Monster, Major Force vs. Cthulhu, Gaston vs. the Zillo Beast, and Frankenstein’s Monster vs Jolene Joestar?/S

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