Bionic Bunny vs Gregar

Suggested by Destroyer Gregar is a powerful Cybeast. What he lacks in speed he makes up for in pure power. I have a hard time seeing Bionic Bunny pull out enough skills and tactics to take this guy out. Bionic Bunny is just outclassed here and at the end of the day there is only so much you can do in that situation. This is Gregar’s fight to win all the way and there just isn’t much that Bionic Bunny can do to stop him. A quick energy blast will end this. Gregar wins.

Gmerl vs Gregar

Suggested by Sonic Gmerl is strong but was never as impressive as Emerl. He has some decent energy abilities and some speed but in this case Gregar’s pure power would be enough to overwhelm him. Gregar may have a rep for always losing since Megaman tends to beat him up but the guy is still powerful in his own right and won’t go down easy. Gregar wins.

Gregar vs Chunk

Suggested by Destroyer Feels like the Chunk has taken a beating today, but his fans will be happy to know that this is his final match of the day. The guy may not be all that strong or skilled, but he does try pretty hard. Gregar will wipe him off the map almost instantly, but I think I speak for everyone when I say that the important thing is that Chunk tried his best. He never gave up even if the losses kept going. Meanwhile Gregar continues to dominate. Gregar wins.

Gregar vs Howard Aguello

Suggested by Destroyer Howard is back, but now he’s up against Gregar. Gregar isn’t the most popular of Battle Network villains since the Beast anime didn’t come to America, but this guy is a monster. A single attack would wipe Howard off the map. Howard’s bullets likely wouldn’t be able to even pierce Gregar. We could try to make the case that Howard would dodge for a while, but the guy isn’t all that fast and Gregar’s attacks simply cover too large of a range. Gregar wins.

Gregar vs Yeti

Gregar is back once again and now he’s up against the Yeti. The Yeti may seem like a pretty cool guy, but in the end will it be enough to take down Gregar? Gregar is a giant monster and he always manages to put up a good fight. He also knows how to win a lot of matches. Gregar wins.

Gregar vs Bigfoot

Bigfoot likes to travel through trees and woodwork to save the day…if he’s even a good guy! A lot of people claim to have seen him..I have my doubts. Either way, I doubt that Bigfoot would last long against a really powerful being like Gregar. Gregar just can’t be stopped so easily. Gregar wins.

Gregar vs Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse has always been a pretty cheerful fighter, but sometimes it’s time to take away the cheerfulness and just use your fighting skills to save the day. Of course, Minnie Mouse doesn’t really have enough fighting skills to take down someone like this monster! Gregar wins.

Megaman vs Gregar

Megaman is back, but this could be his final fight for a while! Gregar is a tough beast, but while he’s huge and powerful he lacks speed. Megaman has speed in spades and could exploit that weakness. Gregar just won’t be able to defeat such a powerful opponent. Megaman’s one of the strongest in all of media after all! Megaman wins.

Gregar vs Falzar

Gregar has his raw power. With it he can take down many opponents with ease. Of course Falzar has an overwhelming speed advantage which helps him take this match. Gregar is powerful, but it’s like pitting Godzilla against Rodan! Speed trumps power nearly all of the time. Falzar rises up the blog. Falzar wins.

Hammer Head vs Gregar

Hammer Head is back. His gun skills should be noted, but they won’t do anything in this match. Gregar has abilities that are just too powerful. He can destroy whole planets with a single blast! His power is off the charts! Hammer Head drops in the rankings, but he won’t be missed. Gregar wins.