Space Godzilla vs Bigfoot

sg 1
Bigfoot is kind of like a real person if he were fake. That’s why Bigfoot’s one of those legendary figures that everyone knows. Space Godzilla has his lasers and one blast is all he would need to take down Bigfoot. Bigfoot drops down the ranks with this loss, but it probably won’t be his last. Space Godzilla wins.

Gregar vs Bigfoot

Bigfoot likes to travel through trees and woodwork to save the day…if he’s even a good guy! A lot of people claim to have seen him..I have my doubts. Either way, I doubt that Bigfoot would last long against a really powerful being like Gregar. Gregar just can’t be stopped so easily. Gregar wins.

The BioLizard vs Bigfoot

Bigfoot is here to take a loss. Against The BioLizard there’s not much else he can do. There’s no way he can dodge The BioLizard’s beams and he can’t knock him out before the beams defeat him. Bigfoot is doomed every way you look at it. This just wasn’t the match he was waiting for. Maybe he’ll be back soon. The BioLizard wins.

Bigfoot vs Lazerman

Lazerman is back yet again. He sure gets around eh? Bigfoot may be big, but Lazerman’s disruption blast is far too intense for Bigfoot. Bigfoot just doesn’t have enough skills to take down Lazerman. This is why Lazerman’s getting closer and closer to 150 matches. One day he’ll make it there. Lazerman wins.