Captain Falcon vs Amber Bailey

Amber Bailey is a pretty reasonable fighter. You don’t want to mess with her Katana Sword. One good slash can deal some massive damage but Captain Falcon has been known to deflect such hits with his fists. I don’t think he will have any trouble stopping Amber in her tracks. Once you take away her sword then Amber’s chances of winning drop to around 0%. At that point it’s all over for her. Captain Falcon wins.

Amber Bailey vs Bass

Amber Bailey may have won her last round, but I don’t think that she will be winning this one. Bass is far too powerful and with his incredible speed he can take down any who get in his way! Bass is the strongest being in all of media and he’ll keep on winning! Bass wins.

Crystal Bailey vs Amber Bailey

Crystal Bailey and Amber Bailey are some decent fighters. They know how to use hand to hand combat. Of course, they’re about evenly matched. So..who wins this round right? Well, I think Amber Bailey takes this round. It’s close of course, but she may have this. Amber Bailey wins.