Captain Falcon vs Freddy Krueger

Freddy Krueger may scare people a lot, but nobody can scare the Captain. Captain Falcon has his Falcon Punch and with it he can easily decimate his opponents. Nobody can get near him for fear of getting hit and Falcon is also deceptively fast. This makes for a great combo and his electric knee will end up finishing the match with style. Freddy better watch out because this is no dream! Captain Falcon wins.

Roy vs Captain Falcon

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As strong as Captain Falcon is, he’ll have a tough time stopping Roy. The cutscene where he defeated Chrom and Lucina was very impressive and had we seen more of the fight, it could have certainly tipped the scales. That being said, he can’t win this match right now. Roy is simply too powerful and too skilled to lose here. His fire abilities will even make the Captain feel the heat, that’s just how good this swordsman is! Roy wins.

Captain Falcon vs Jigglypuff

Captain Falcon is one tough customer and it never gets old to see him take another win. Both of these characters are a lot of fun to play as in Super Smash Bros although their gameplay styles are so different. Captain Falcon has a lot of punishing attacks that deal heavy damage, but Jigglypuff’s wear and tear game will eventually crush anyone. Jigglypuff’s arsenal of attacks will overwhelm the racer and the crowd will be surprised as they look at the new champ. Jigglypuff wins.

Captain Falcon vs Shaggy

This is a tribute to Scooby Doo Adventures and the Mystery Map. I wasn’t really sure who to give the tribute too since everyone basically gets equal screen time and it came down to Scooby Doo or Shaggy. I ended up giving it to Shaggy since he seemed to have more of an influence on the special. That being said, he wasn’t brave enough to tackle the parrot so he’s definitely doomed against a true warrior of grit like Captain Falcon. Captain Falcon is much faster than Shaggy and he should be able to end things with a single Falcon Punch. That attack is legendary and with good reason. Captain Falcon wins.

Captain Falcon vs Fox

Captain Falcon Fox
Things are getting a little dicey for Captain Falcon as he must go up against one up Nintendo’s vest commanders! Fox’s agility will definitely help him in a fistfight, but his laser blaster is what really seals the deal here. Captain Falcon wont be able to dodge such an onslaught for long. Fox wins.

Captain Falcon vs Shulk

Captain Falcon Shulk
Captain Falcon has definitely been fighting a lot on the blog lately, but this has its ups and downs. The more that he fights, the more chance that the Captain has of being defeated! Shulk is a powerful new addition to the blog and his sword techniques will prove to be deadly. His pre cog also gives him an edge in this bout. Shulk wins.

Captain Falcon vs Diddy Kong

Captain Falcon Diddy
Diddy Kong is pretty athletic and he can dodge many attacks. He shouldn’t have a problem evading Captain Falcon’s Falcon Punch technique, but he’ll likely get rammed by the Blue Falcon at some point. The gap between the abilities of these two fighters is pretty vast and Captain Falcon can easily crush him in a hand to hand fight. Captain Falcon wins.

Captain Falcon vs Jack Sparrow

Captain Falcon is back once again and now he is up against the notorious Jack Sparrow! Jack Sparrow has a sword and he can use it to get a slight advantage in the fight, but it won’t be enough. Captain Falcon is easily superior in hand to hand combat and a good Falcon Punch will set things straight. Captain Falcon wins.

Captain Falcon vs James Bond

James Bond has a gun and he’s pretty good at using it when he’s not failing. The main problem is that he can’t hope to give the legendary Captain Falcon a good challenge. Captain Falcon is an experienced veteran and it would appear that he is up for a few quick wins on the blog today! Captain Falcon wins.

Captain Falcon vs Little Mac

Captain Falcon Little Mac
Now this is a pretty solid fight! Without Captain Falcon’s fire abilities, they would be very evenly matched in a fist fight. Little Mac has more official experience and he is a boxing champion, but Captain Falcon has shown that he’s always up for a brawl. Of course, Captain Falcon Does have his fire abilities so Little Mac really won’t be able to trade blows with him unless he wants to get burned. Captain Falcon wins.