Sinbad vs Captain Falcon

Sinbad is a pretty decent captain. He knows not to overextend himself in a fight which is admirable. The guy will play this matchup pretty carefully but it won’t really matter when up against Falcon. Captain Falcon is a whole lot faster than Sinbad and his attacks hit a lot harder as well. There’s not a whole lot that Sinbad can really do against him in a straight fight. Falcon’s fire attacks would end things very quickly and a human just can’t stand up to that kind of punishment. Captain Falcon wins.

Doyle Johnson vs Sinbad

This is a tribute to the 7th Voyage of Sinbad. Sinbad looks pretty good even if he may not be the smartest main character out there. He gets his business handled and ultimately steps up for any battle that needs his attention. He’s a captain that you can count on and that kind of trust definitely goes a long way. I wouldn’t trust Doyle as far as I can throw him. He always fails to meet his assigned task and that’s why you don’t want to count on him for anything. He will always leave you in the ditch and has no combat experience so he can’t defend against this captain. Sinbad wins.