Shulk vs Dark Link

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Shulk is a powerful fighter and I would argue that his sword may even be a little more impressive than the Master Sword. It’s close though since I liked it a lot in Skyward Sword. Shulk would put up a really tough fight, but I do think that Dark Link would have the edge. His abilities are essentially equal to Link’s and his destructive power is on a tier that is above Shulk’s. It’ll be a close match, but it’s not one that Shulk will win. Dark Link wins.

Majora vs Dark Link

Majora is powerful and he’s known as one of the tougher LoZ characters out there, but he won’t be able to defeat Dark Link. Dark Link is just about as strong as Link and while he has less methods of attacking at his disposal, he’s still a pretty grave threat. Dark Link just needs a few good slashes to knock the fight out of Majora. Dark Link wins.

Grimlock vs Dark Link

Dark Link has some pretty intense sword skills and he was able to match up against Link for a long length of time. His sword abilities would put Grimlock’s to shame, but Grimlock has the superior firepower. Dark Link is strong, but I don’t think he would be able to counter for long. Grimlock wins.

Dark Link vs Lightning

Dark Link is a pretty capable swordsman. With his quick and powerful sword swings he can take down many fighters. Of course Lightning has her magic skills and the speed advantage. Dark Link loses this battle, but it would be a good fight. Lightning rises up the blog ranks with this win. Lightning wins.

Dark Link vs Marth

Dark Link is back and this time he’s fighting another big swordsman. Marth may be skilled with a sword, but he still can’t take down Dark Link. Dark Link’s skills are formidable and while he doesn’t have as much experience as Marth, I dare say he’s stronger and faster. Marth’s slashes never had much power behind them. Dark Link wins.

Update 2/7/2019 thanks to Fire Emblem Warriors Marth is strong and fast enough where he can turn the tides of battle and win. Marth wins.

Cyber Shredder vs Dark Link

Cyber Shredder is a good fighter. With his sword skills he’ll go far. Of course he’s still not quite Dark Link level. Dark Link was able to fight with Link. A pretty impressive feat. Cyber Shredder is also pretty tough, but he’s just not quite there and takes a loss for now. Dark Link wins.

Lazerman vs Dark Link

Lazerman will now fight Dark Link. Dark Link is a tough fighter for sure but Lazerman can still beat Dark Link. Dark Link has the Dark Master Sword, and his sword skills are intense. His sword would do heavy duty damage to Lazerman. Sadly for him he’s not that fast compared to Lazerman and his swordsmanship can’t compete with Lazerman’s power. Lazerman wins.

Fanfic version below

Lasers vs Swords